Austin Block 6


Which of the following is not a characteristic feature of withdrawal (delerium tremens)?


Which of the following is the most sensitive indicator of intra vascular volume depletion following surgery?


A 78 year old woman with a past history of atrial fibrillation, ischaemic heart disease, cerebrovascular disease, peripheral vascular disease and peptic ulcer disease develops abdominal pain which gradually increases over 24 hours. On examination she looks unwell and has a temperature of 37.8°G. There is mild generalized abdominal tenderness. No bowel sounds are audible. Investigations reveal an elevated neutrophil count and a low bicarbonate. The most likely diagnosis is:


Which of the following is most consistent with a stone in the common bile duct?


Pain referred to the back is a recognized feature of all the following abdominal conditions except:


A 45 year old female presents with colicky central abdominal pain followed by vomiting. She has a past history of hysterectomy. The plan X-ray shows dilated bowel loops with fluid levels. The most likely diagnosis is:


Which of the following is least likely in a patient with carcinoma of the caecum?


A 70 year old complains of intermittent gradually worsening dysphagia which began 3 years ago and was initially worse for liquids than solids. He has had some vomiting but no loss of weight. The most likely diagnosis is:


Which of the following is not a feature of the irritable bowel syndrome?


Which of the following is not a recognized complication of diverticular disease of the colon?


Signs of chronic liver disease include all of the following except:


A 32 year old woman presents with intermittent loose bowel actions for six months associated with fever and episodes of colicky central abdominal pain. There is no blood in the stool. Physical examination reveals tenderness in the right iliac fossa and an anal fissure. What is the most likely diagnosis?


The commonest post-operative complication following haemorrhoidectomy is:


The most characteristic symptom of fissure in ano in a young adult is:


All of the following occur commonly in delirium tremens EXCEPT:


A jaundiced patient is noted to have an elevated plasma bilirubin but no bilirubin in the urine. Which of the following is likely to cause these findings:


Which of the following individuals carries the lowest risk of developing hepatitis B infection?


Bleeding from haemorrhoids is best characterised by being:


Cholangitis has the following features EXCEPT:


Femoral hernia:


A 70 year old man presents with bright rectal bleeding. On rectal examination you feel a hard mass within the lumen. The most likely diagnosis is:


Which of the following organs can never be palpated in a healthy person: