CSGD Quiz 1 2008


With regard to a neuropraxia injury to the ulnar nerve, which one of the following statements is INCORRECT?


Which one of the following is correct? The ventral portion of the neural tube:


All of the following drugs are opioid analgesics, EXCEPT:


Neuroimaging is likely to be a key investigation if demyelination in the CNS is suspected. In regard to the preferred imaging method, which one of the following is CORRECT?


Which on of the following statements regarding a lesion of cranial nerve VII is incorrect?


A section through the rostral midbrain would not contain which of the following?


The pterion is formed at the junction of the


Which one of the following questions about the meninges and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) is correct?


The following scenario applies to both Q9 and Q10.

A patient presents at casualty and the registrar established the following: (1) Position sense is absent for the left ankle. (2) Light touch sensation is absent for the left foot. (3) Reflexes are exaggerated for the left biceps. (4) Temperature sensation is normal for both feet.

The patient is likely to have a lesion:


In this patient, absent light touch sensation in the left foot: