HP4 Lecture 11


Self-regulation is the extent to which people influence, modify or control complex aspects of their personal life according to their:


Which ONE of the following is NOT a part of Erikson's Tripartite Ego Identity?


'Initiative vs Guilt' is the aspect of identity formation embedded in:


The question 'what have I contributed?' is most closely associated with which stage of identity formation?


Adolescence is not just about cognitive changes. In the context of Erikson's 'psychological needs' part of the ego, the adolescent identity crisis often includes:


You are talking to a friend who says 'I have no idea who or what I am. I guess I've still got time to figure it out. I'd really like to go to backpacking in Europe and kick around there for a while to see what it's like. Maybe I could move to England." They are best described by which of Marcia's 'identity statuses'?


Which ONE of the following statements about identity formation is INCORRECT?