HP4 Quiz 3 2010


NOTE: The answers to this quiz have now been released. No changes were necessary!

According to Tandom and colleagues (2008), the most consistent, illness specific findins relating to the neurobiology of schizophrenia are


The procedural memory system deals with


Neuropathological evidence from cases who survived cardiogenic anoxia suggests that integrity of the following structure is a necessary condition for normal episodic memory:


A lifespan perspective of human development


Kelly has decided to defer her university studies so she can get work experience, travel, and determine the career path she wants to pursue.

According to Marcia's theory of identity formation, Kelly's vocational identity status can be classified as


Which one of the following statements is INCORRECT?


At birth, a neonate is noted to show microcephaly, malformation of the limbs and face, including a smooth philtrum and thin upper lip.

This neonate most likely has


According to Erikson, an identity crisis