Austin Block 5


Which of the following statements about metastatic cancer is correct?


Surgical excision is the primary treatment for each of the following neoplasms except:


Which of the following is the least likely cause of iron deficiency in a 65 year old female?


All of the following are features of an enlarged spleen except:


Which of the following is most consistent with an anaemia of chronic disease?


The ESR is not increased in which one of the following conditions?


Which of the following is the commonest cause of a lump in the neck in a 40 year old female?


The drug of choice for the treatment of left lower lobe pneumonia developing after a hemicolectomy is:


A 62 year old pipe smoker has noted a painless white area underneath his tongue, present for 6 months. The lesion is irregular, slightly raised and measures about 1 cm by 3 cm. What is the correct initial action?


A 17 year old schoolgirl presents with a one week history of bouts of fever, an erythematous macular rash and polyarthritis. Each of the following diagnoses should be seriously considered EXCEPT:


A 52 year old alcoholic woman is admitted with a history of fever, cough and purulent sputum for one week. Chest radiographs show an irregular cavity in the superior segment of the right lower lobe, surrounded by pulmonary consolidation with a poorly defined margin. There is an air fluid level within the cavity. The most likely diagnosis is:


In a dirty thigh wound, the most important measure to prevent gas gangrene is: