JCU MB4 Term 4 Week 7 (Ovaries)


A picture of an ovarian tumour is shown. What is the most likely diagnosis?

Benign teratoma


A gross specimen of an ovarian tumour is shown. What is the type?

Malignant ovarian tumour


21yo woman G2P1, LGA at 14/40. Ultrasound reports "snowstorm" of multicystic mass but no fetus seen. Image shows specimen recovered at D&C. What is the most likely diagnosis?

Partial mole


A 38yo woman presented with abdominal pain, left ovarian mass and weight loss. Her pregnancy test was strongly positive. Iomages of gross appearance and microscopy shown. What is the most likely diagnosis?



35yo woman with fishy-smelling vaginal discharge has pap smear report of clue cells and dysplastic cells. Image shows appearance of biopsy on colonoscopy and smear. What is the most likely diagnosis?

Cervix HSIL

Pap smear clue cells


39yo obese female, DUB, infertility and T2DM. Specimen of ovary shown. What is the diagnosis?



45yo woman blood tinged vaginal discharge for 1 month, previously had 2 episodes of postcoital bleeding in past 12 months. Images (A & B) show two cases with similar history. What is the most likely diagnosis?

Cervical carcinoma


30yo female, large ovarian tumour filled by thick mucoid fluid. No dysplasia or infiltration. Gross specimen shown. Diagnosis?

Mucinous cystadenoma


31yo woman with a 3 month history of warty, non-pruritic, non-haemorrhagic lesions on her perineum and labia majora. Images show two similar history cases and biopsy. What is the most likely diagnosis?

Condyloma accimunata


42yo female, ascites, weight loss, image shows gross ovary specimen. Diagnosis?

Borderline cystadenoma


25 mildly obese female, presents with hirsutism, irregular menstrual periods and recently diagnosed T2DM. Both ovaries are symmetrically moderately enlarged. This patient's ovaries would likely show which of the following pathologic findings?


38yo woman, infertility, dull pelvic pain for 9/12 accentuated during menstruation. Physical exam and endocrine studies are normal. Laparoscopy multiple small haemorrhagic lesions over the surface of both ovaries and fallopian tube with pelvic scarring. Laparoscopic microscopic views both shown. Diagnosis?

Endometriosis on laparoscopy

Endometriosis microscopy


18yo student, fever, vaginal discharge, lower abdominal pain and painful swollen right knee with no history of trauma. Blood work shows neutrophilia. Colposcopy view and smear are shown. If untreated, which of the following would be the most likely chronic complication in this patient.

Vaginal infection colposcopy

Vaginal infection smear


A 20yo woman in the third trimester of her second pregnancy complains of a 3/7 history of painful urination and flank pain. Urinalysis shows pyuria. Which of the following bacteria is most likely to be isolated on urine culture.

Urine Escherichia coli microscopy

Urine Escherichia coli culture


Markedly enlarged ovary in an asymptomatic 38yo female. Gross specimen shown; cysts contain clear fluid. Diagnosis?

Ovary - Benign cystadenoma


31yo female, tumour of ovary shown. Diagnosis?

Benign teratoma


42yo female, presents with menorrhagia & infertility. Microscopy of endometrium shown. Diagnosis?

Endometrium simple hyperplasia


42yo female, DUB, abortion. Uterus specimen shown. Diagnosis?



Solid ovarian tumour, biopsy shown. Diagnosis?

Choriocarcinoma - Micro


42yo female, DUB, abortion. Uterus specimen shown. Diagnosis?

Endometrial hyperplasia


19yo female, 5/7 vaginal bleeding. Home pregnancy test positive for 1wk. D&C revealed this specimen. Diagnosis?

Hydatidiform mole


59yo vaginal bleeding for 2/52. Endometrial biopsy shown. Diagnosis?

Endometrial hyperplasia micro


A 20yo woman, 3/7 history of vaginal bleeding. An ultrasound shows a dilated endometrial cavity. Evacuation of the uterus reveals grapelike clusters and fetal parts. Cytogenetic examination of this tissue will most likely demonstrate which of the following genetic patterns?


A 55yo nulliparous woman presents for physical examination. The patient is obese (BMI 33) and has mild, adult-onset diabetes. Compared with multiparous women, this patient is at increased risk of developing a neoplasm in which of the following anatomic locations?


A 45yo female, 6/12 history of increasing abdominal girth and pain. G0P0. Exam: 10cm right adnexal mass and ascites. Fluid reveals malignant cells in papillary clusters. A mutation in which of the following genes is most likely associated with this patient's malignant disease?