DMF MSE 3 2011


Which one of the statements about how viruses evade the immune system is correct?


Which one of the following statements about the pathogenesis of particular viruses is correct?


The specificity of aciclovir for herpes simplex virus infected cells is due to which one of the options below?


Which one of the following statements is correct concerning the surface glycoproteins of influeza viruses, the HA and NA?


Which statements concertning viral hepatitis is INCORRECT?


Which of the following is correct about HPV?


Which statement concerning HIV-1 infection is correct?


A 33 yr old female presented to the Sexual Health Clinic with a 2 day history of dyuria and a yellowish vaginal discharge. A dipstick test of urine showed no abnormal findings.
Urethral and cervical swabs were collected for laboratory investigations.
A Gram stain on the urethral swab, performed in the clinic during the patient's initial consultation, showed moderate numbers of pus cells with numerous intra- and extra-cellular Gram negative diplococci. Which one of the following would be most appropriate for this patient?


Mrs CD, a 29 yr old accountant, presented for her first antenatal visit at 10 weeks gestation. Blood was collected for routine antenatal screen for a range of antibodies. The laboratory reported the test results as follows:
Antibodies against:

Rubella virusNDD (128)
Toxoplasma gondiiNDD (64)
HepBsAgnot donenot done
  • Hepatitis B surface Ag detected
  • Hepatitis B e Ag detected


Which of the following statements regarding infections diarrhoea is INCORRECT?


Which of following combinations of parasite and its most common mode of acquisition by humans is correct?


Which of the following statements regarding bacterial pneumonia is INCORRECT?


A 23 yr old female who returned 9 days ago from 12 months' volunteer work in a remote village in Papua New Guinea, presents to her GP with a 2 day history of fever, malaise and worsening headache. Thick and thin films were prepared from peripheral blood. Malarial parasites were seen in the thick film. The thin film showed a parasite load of approx. 20% with multiple ring forms being observed in several red blood cells. Which one of the following statements is INCORRECT?


Which of the following statements regarding antimicrobial interactions is INCORRECT?


Which one of following statements regarding the lab diagnosis of tuberculosis disease in a patient with clinical symptoms consisten with pulmonary tuberculosis is correct?