HP4 Lecture 13


The withdrawal method of contraception is

  probably rarely used

  about 60% effective

  not disruptive to intercourse

  one of the oldest methods of contraception

  independent of the restraint of either partner


The combined oral contraceptive pill

  is about 95% effective

  stops ovulation while leaving the cervical mucous unchanged

  contributes to STI resistance

  contains pregnenolone

  has many contraindications


Jaccard (1996) states that the family planning field has been guided by the assumption that promoting planned pregnancies is chiefly a matter of:

  providing access to safe medical services

  providing effective contraception methods and the knowledge to use them

  providing cheap pharmaceutical abortion options

  reducing the number of abortions

  prediction of accurate contraceptive use from attitudes and knowledge


According to Louise Keogh, which of the following is NOT a one of the three main strategies that women use to make decisions about contraceptive use:

  Giving priority to the views of family and social peers

  Giving priority to protection of the fertile body

  Forcing themselves to sacrifice sexual availability and security from pregnancy

  Giving priority to sexual availability and security from pregnancy


Which of the following statements about the views of women compared with the views of emergency contraception providers is CORRECT?

  Providers saw the biggest risk as unsafe abortion

  Providers acknowledged that the risk of contraceptives was significant

  Providers described contraceptive decision making as a complex interplay of psychosocial pressures

  Providers placed no emphasis on the benefit of using less reliable contraception

  Providers had views that were usually compatible with those of the women seeking emergency contraception


Which of the following is NOT something that women generally consider when making decisions about use of the pill?

  Whether they can tolerate the interference with their sexual availability

  The symbolism of using the pill within a relationship

  How fertile the consider themselves to be

  How regularly they have sex

  World population projections for the year 2050