HP4 Quiz 3 2009


Which of the following arteries is most likely to perfuse structures crucial for episodic memory function?

  The superior branch of the middle cerebral artery.

  The vertebrobasilar system.

  The inferior branch of the middle cerebral artery.

  The inferior cerebellar artery.


Having a positive relationship with a carer in infancy is important for later development because

  it can contribute to ‘resilience’ in the face of life challenges.

  poor bonding with a carer sets up a lifetime trajectory of vulnerability that cannot be altered.

  the quality of formative relationships forms the foundation for developmental outcomes.

  both (a) and (c).


In which of the following conditions is memory unlikely to recover?

  Post-traumatic amnesia.

  Transient global amnesia.

  Transient epileptic amnesia.

  Mild cognitive impairment or questionable dementia.


Which of the following are both positive symptoms of schizophrenia?

  Thought insertion and social withdrawal.

  Social withdrawal and memory impairment.

  Thought insertion and delusions of external control.

  Memory impairment and delusions of external control.


Mary decided she wanted to be a doctor when she was 5 years old. She has never considered another profession and has now been accepted into university to study medicine. Which identity status does Mary fall into according to James Marcia’s theory of identity formation?

  Identity diffusion.


  Identity achievement.



In which of the following blood vessels will an occlusion produce a non-fluent aphasia?

  The superior division of the left middle cerebral artery.

  The left posterior cerebral artery.

  The top of the basilar artery.

  The inferior division of the left middle cerebral artery.


In the last 20 years rates of lung cancer have reduced for men but increased for women. The most likely explanation is

  that men and women are more aware of the health implications of smoking and so are not adopting smoking at the same rates as in the past.

  gender, because women historically took up smoking later than men and there is a long latency between smoking commencement and lung cancer.

  sex, because men are genetically more predisposed to taking up smoking than women.

  both (b) and (c).


Critical or sensitive periods of prenatal development

  refer to periods when an organ system or body part is rapidly developing and is vulnerable to the effects of a teratogen.

  always occur in the period of the embryo as this is the most vulnerable time for developmental compromise.

  differ for each fetus because development does not follow a known timeline.

  both (a) and (b).


According to Erikson’s Tripartite Ego Identity theory

  ego identity is shaped entirely by the strong formative relationship with the primary carer.

  three interacting factors contribute to identity formation including the social environment, family factors, and individual person characteristics.

  a sense of identity is determined by the interaction of biological characteristics, the social milieu, and the psychological needs of the individual.

  identity is formed based on the cultural and social context of the individual and has little to do with individual biological characteristics.