Austin Block 3


Which of the following is not characteristic of diabetic ketoacidosis?

  Elevated urea

  Depleted body potassium stores

  A low serum bicarbonate level




Which of the following is not a feature of thyrotoxicosis?


  pre-tibial myxoedema

  atrial fibrillation




In intermittent claudication due to peripheral vascular disease

  Pain is typically relieved by elevation of the leg

  Ischaemic ulcers are usually painful

  Pedal pulses are usually palpable

  Exercise should be avoided

  The risk of progression is not affected by smoking


All of the following are characteristic of a dissecting aortic aneurysm except


  Interscapular back pain

  Puimonary oedema

  Early diastolic murmur

  Pleural effusion


Which of the following is not associated with acute urinary retention in elderly men?

  dull percussion note in the suprapubic region



  urinary incontinence



Which of the following is not a symptom of hypercalcaemia?







A 16 year old boy has had several short episodes of right sided testicular pain over the preceding two months. He presents with more severe right testicular pain which has been present for 3 hours. On examination he has a tender swollen right testis. Which one of the following would you choose?

  M.S.U. and commence broad spectrum antibiotics

  Immediate surgical exploration of the testis

  Cystoscopy and pandenoscopy

  Intravenous pyelogram

  T ech:1etium nuclear scan


Which of the following statements about a thyroglossal cyst is true?

  lt is fluctuant

  lt usually transilluminates

  lt moves upwards on swallowing

  lt moves upwards on protruding the tongue

  lt is usually palpable to one side of the midline.


In hypothyroidism, which of the following characterises the ankle reflexes?



  delayed relaxation




The commonest arrhythmia associated with thyrotoxicosis is:

  sinus tachycardia

  atrial fibrillation

  atrial flutter

  atrial ectopics

  ventricular ectopics


The most common cause of unilateral painful swollen testes in a 45 year old man is:




  acute epididymo-orchitis



A 75 year old man who is a heavy smoker presents with claudication in his right calf after walking about 500 metres. He is most likely to have occlusive arterial disease affecting his:

  aortic bifurcation

  common iliac artery

  superficial femoral artery

  profunda femoris artery

  popliteal artery


The most common organism causing a urinary tract infection in a 20 year old female would be:

  Pseudomonas aeruginosa

  Lebsiella species



  None of the above


Addison's disease (primary failure of the adrenal glands) is frequently associated with all of the following EXCEPT:

  Pigmentation in the mouth






Sexual impotence in a young man is most commonly due to:

  Excessive smokng

  Diabetes mellitus with autonomic neuropathy

  Primary testicular failure

  Coarctation of the aorta

  Psychological causes


A previously healthy male adult, 29 years oid, develops generalised oedema, unassociated with other symptoms. Urinalysis reveals heavy proteinuria and slight glycosuria. The sediment of centrifuged urine contains hyaline, granular and fatty casts. The blood creatinine level is normal. The most likely diagnosis is:

  Diabetic glomerulosclerosis

  Minimal change glomerulonephritis

  Malignant hypertension

  Membranous glomerulonephritis



The most common cause of haematuria is:

  Minor trauma to the bladder

  Carcinoma kidney

  Obstruction at pelvic-ureteric junction


  Ureteric calculus


Which of the following manoevres is most likely to confirm that a cervical swelling is an enlarged thyroid gland:

  Asking the patient to poke out his/her tongue

  Asking the patient to swallow

  Asking the patient to tighten the deep fascia of the neck by flexing neck against resistance

  Testing for fluctuance

  Testing for translucency


The characteristics of a thyroglossal cyst are:

  lt is fluctuant

  lt usually transilluminates

  lt moves upwards on swallowing

  lt moves upwards on extruding the tongue

  1t is usually to one side of the midline