HP4 Lecture 12


Sex is:

  a social construct

  based on roles and behaviours

  the same as gender

  a minor part of human identity

  premised upon biological characteristics



  involves the accural of privileges by a dominant gender group

  involves equitable gender relations

  refers only to inter-personal and not institutional practices

  is not usually justified in terms of ideology

  has been widely recognised for centuries


Gender is 'dynamic' because it

  intersects with class, ethnicity and sexuality

  changes from time to time and place to place

  is relative between sexes and within sexes

  affects the health of men and women differently

  is not biologically based


The fact that women are more likely to get breast cancer than men is due to:




  The death of Abraham Lincoln

  Changes in marketing over the second half of the twentieth century


Which of the following statements about the Dahlgren and Whitehead (1993) 'Main Determinants of Health Model' model is CORRECT?

  The model consists of five basic domains

  Education is part of the 'individual lifestyle factors' domain

  Living and work conditions are 'constitutional' factors

  It illustrates that individual characteristics are not isolated but rather 'embedded within each other'

  Social networks are portrayed as having a minor role


Which of the following statements about gender and healthcare is INCORRECT?

  Women presenting with cardiac conditions are less likely to receive interventions

  Male smokers are more likely to be advised to quit

  Male GPs spend more time on physical examinations than female GPs

  Males are more likely to present with injuries due to risky behaviour

  Males and females are equally likely to seek out professional health care