HP4 Quiz 2 2010


Patients presenting with highly effortful, telegrammatic language, and right face and arm weakness are most likely to be suffering from

  conduction aphasia

  Wernicke's aphasia

  Broca's aphasia



Fluent language disorders involve a failure in

  the selection of appropriate linguistic content.

  conduction over the arcuate fasciculus.


  both A and C.


Who was Phineas Gage?

  The grandfather of modern neuropsychology.

  One of the first record cases of executive dysfunction.

  The researcher who first described executive dysfunction in patients following frontal lobotomy.

  The first recorded case of amnesia following bilateral resection in the temporal lobes.


A 58 year old male suffers bilateral infarction of the posterior cerebral artery resulting in bilateral damage of the inferior temporo-occipital junction that is associated with associative visual agnosia.

During examination, you expect him to show impaired

  copying of objects.

  verbal descriptions of objects.

  memory of object location.

  recognition of objects.


The dorsolateral prefrontal cortex is

  associated with cognitive aspects of executive function.

  responsible for consolidating new memories.

  the emotional-motivational interface of executive function.

  responsible for social inhibition.


The case-faces illusion illustrates the

  Gestalt grouping principle of common fate.

  principle of perceptual completion.

  perceptual principle of exclusive allocation.

  principle of modular information encapsulation.