HP5 MSE 1 2011


Which one of the following approaches to clinical uncertainty is not true?

  Premature diagnosis can be driven by an intolerance of uncertainty

  Attributing symptoms as “all in the mind” can occur when symptoms and signs do not fit a clinical syndrome

  If there are no clinical signs, a medical diagnosis can not be made.

  Clinical zeal is when increased investigation and treatment is used to deal with clinical uncertainty

  Clinical nihilism describes a process of decreased medical activity in the face of uncertainty


Which one of the following statements regarding uncertainty in clinical practice is not true?

  Uncertainty refers to a state where it is impossible to exactly describe future outcome

  Most medical decisions are made based on the probability that the chosen action is the best option

  Certainty can be experienced as freedom from doubt

  Acquiring accurate scientific knowledge will remove uncertainty in clinical decision making

  Uncertainty around decisions can lead to anxieties about adverse outcomes


Which of the following is not a recommended strategy for deal with stress?

  Identify and acknowledge your stresses

  Enhancing strengths and minimizing weakness

  Develop social networks

  Develop time management skills

  Healthy living


Which of the following is not a component of a root cause analysis after an adverse event?

  identifying factors that cause adverse events.

  Identifying the individual responsible for the error

  showing the ‘cause and effect’ relationship in causal statements

  identifying human errors in the causal chain

  determining what can be done to prevent an adverse event from happening again


Which of the following is not a component of open disclosure process for dealing with medical errors?

  Acknowledging that an error has occurred

  Saying sorry

  Providing information

  Referring the case to a more senior clinician

  Providing ongoing contact


Which of the following is not a core aspect of being a professional?

  Expert knowledge and skill

  A commitment to the good of the community

  Making the needs and interests of the patient the sole focus of the relationship

  Autonomy and self-regulation of standards of practice and behaviour.

  Accountable to the profession and the community.


Which of the following is the least mature defense mechanism that may arise in a difficult doctor patient relationship?